Angel's Influence Crystal Journey Votive Jar Candles

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Angel's Influence Crystal Journey Votive Jar Candles
Each candle has been designed with a specific intention using a unique blend of essential oils and Reiki charged to help empower your intentions and rituals. Made from highly refined waxes so pure that they are considered food grade with wicks constructed from cotton and paper. Each candle comes with an affirmation and inspirational message. Hand crafted in New England. Approximate burn time 18-20 hours (height-2.5; diameter-2).

Abundance: create an atmosphere of contentment and abundance, or use it to help empower your spells and magic to help bring many small joys into your life and that of those you care for.

Angel's Influence: A powerful blend of gentle energies and light fragrances that can be a powerful aid in addition to your prayers, spells, and rituals in acquiring the influence and blessing of an Angel. 

Ascended Master & Guides: Help focus your prayers, meditation and request for guidance from the Ascended Masters. 

Confidence: Gain confidence in yourself and your ability to manifest what you want.

Creativity: Free yourself to focus on new thoughts, ideas and inspired creativity.

Dreams: Stir dreams to life within your slumber and remember them once you wake with the aid of this candle, specifically created to open the door to the world of dreams. 

Friendship: Find the and enhance the friendships you need to aid you in your life.

Good Health: Perfect for any home or sacred space, brings an aura of positive energy and good health to those touched by its warm light. 

Gratitude: Focus on gratitude for all life's blessings and that which you are wanting to attract more of.

Healing: Help bring healing to your mind, body and spirit or on behalf of another.

Housewarming: Help bring blessings of friendship, love, abundance, harmony and peace into a new home.

Joy: Attract and experience more joy in your life. 

Laughter: Awaken joy and laughter in your life and in your healing practice with this blend of fragrances specifically intended to help bring joy and mirth.

Love: Bring the warmth of love into your life. Crafted to aid and empower all things involving Love.

Manifest A Miracle: Help focus your prayers and intentions on that needed miracle or divinely timed guidance.

Money: Bring good fortune and wealth into your life empowering your rituals of money drawing. 

Mother: Seek the divine graces and blessings of fertility, creation and imagination found within the Mother.

Motivation: Help empower yourself and ignite the fire within to move forward in your life. 

Peace: Attract peace and harmony into your space and your life.

Positive Energy: Bring positive energy, peace and comfort.

Protection: Help create an aura of comfort and protection with this Reiki charged pillar.

Spirit: Strengthen your connection to Spirit and your Higher Self.

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